Meet the Richards

I suppose I should start with the head of the family Mr Richards himself………..

Chris aka Mr R is just about to celebrate his 28th birthday 😊 he was born in the beautiful seaside town of Aberystwyth (we love it here) he loves fitness and is even a qualified personal trainer.  We are also very lucky to be able to live in his childhood home.

Myself (Jade) aka Mrs R. Well my job is slightly different to Mr R’s im a childminder in our home and we all love it! I wasn’t born here in Aberystwyth but I love it! I was born in Basildon Essex and I could never ever imagine living anywhere without the sea again! I moved to Wales when i was 7. At the time I hated it but I couldn’t imagine bring our children up anywhere else.

Eden aka Miss R. Eden was born in 2011 nearly in the same room as her daddy if she hadn’t needed to be delivered by c-section. Eden is the most beautiful person inside and out. She is so caring and loving it fills me with pride just thinking about the little lady she is. Eden suffers with hypermobilty syndrome which can sometime disrupt our everyday lives but she is learning how to cope and move on with things.

Niall aka Master R. The best word to describe Niall is individual! Born in  2013 Niall was always a problem starter from the get go! I was really poorly with HG whilst pregnant I also went into labour 6weeks early and when he finally decided to make his appearance he was sent to SCBU in Arrow park hospital on the Wirral due to fluid on the lungs and an infection. He was finally allowed home after a week but with daily visits to the local hospital! Since he has had persistent chest problems which means we spend a lot of time in hospital and on lots of different medications!


So that’s us ……

With love

The Richards 💚


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