Living with Asthma


Wheezing, pumps and medications…. this is now all part of our daily lives. Niall’s asthma is uncontrolled meaning he frequently has bad attacks and episodes when we need to be admitted to hospital. One of those days was nearly today! We woke up to a very wheezy little boy who needed his top dose of ventolin (10 puffs) to even breath slightly normal for less than an hour. This is where  we decided he needed medical help. We took Niall to the out of hours doctors where we waited for nearly an hour…. with a child that was having  breathing troubles when we asked why we hadn’t been seen we got told ‘ we prioritise for real emergencies’ real emergencies?? My 3 year old couldn’t breath the stupid woman!! Some people don’t see asthma as a ‘real emergency’ but asthma kills because of uneducated people like her. We then saw a doctor straight away who checked Niall over and gave him steroid tablet’s checked his oxygen levels and listen to his chest. To start with he could only hear a wheeze but after the wheeze had settled a bit he heard the start of pneumonia too! So we also got antibiotics to start straight away. He did ask if we would like to stay but Niall was very reluctant as we have hospitals stays every few months. We left the hospital with 2 new pumps, steroids for 5 days and antibiotics. This is the reality of living with a 3 year old with uncontrolled asthma this and the fact that since this morning he has Possibly had 50+pumps of ventolin so has only just passed out at 10.15!

Happy Saturday


The Richards 💚


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