Weekend walk 

A few weekends ago Mr.R thought it would be an awsome idea to head out in the sticks when it was 3degrees outside so headed about 20mins out of the beautiful Aberystwyth to the Hafod Estate by the time we got there I could have happily left and gone home….. Mr. R had control of packing the bags and heading out he hadn’t packed hats, gloves or scarfs for the kids or snacks! We did the walk anyway and my Gosh it was one of the most beautiful places we had ever headed with the children……. we loved it so much we headed back this weekend fully equipped and it was a lot warmer thank goodness.

There are a few trails Avaliable from short walks to ones that are a few miles long last weekend we headed off on the Lady’s walk it was beautiful we came across waterfalls, view points, streams, woodland, feilds full of sheep and not forgetting the steps up to the now demolished Hafod estate house.

 If you’re looking for somewhere to let the kids, husband and dog run wild this is the place we didn’t see anyone on the walk  only a few people around the start and end (around the car park).

Just a few of the beautiful places we walked past…..


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