Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Pudding and Repeat 

One of the things I really try with as a mum is making sure the whole family eat good home cooked meals……..but to be honest it bores the hell out of me trying to think of things everyday! Recently I liked the Facebook page Baby Led Weaning Cookbook and although all my own children  are well past the weaning stages I look after younger children as a childminder. The page is fab and full of exciting new recipes and tips of getting teething babies ect to eat. Personally I love it and I love hearing how another mummy copes with everyday food struggles! 

Yesterday I brought the app through the app store it’s fantastic and full of tips, baby lead weaning essentials and fabulous recipes! They look so yummy and not just for babies and toddlers but for the whole family! Tonight we are Trying the sweet potato pie! I have also been out to buy some ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner! She also has a slow cooker app as well so for us busy mummies and daddies that like to dump and run its perfect. 

I will let you all know how it tastes later after dinnerand the house smells amazing!

All in all this mummy has 2 apps, a website and she also has a cookbook on its way! As well as a toddler to look after! 

Below is a link to the website


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