All ways look on the bright side of life?? 


Can you? My Grandad is the strongest person I know and he always reminds us all to all ways look on the bright side of life….. but how can you when you see the person/ people you love in so much pain and not coping at all. Today is another hospital admission for my Grandad he recently spent over 2 weeks in St. Thomas hospital in London he has now spent the day in the A&E and will be admitted again.

Eden asked to day why when we visit grandad he isn’t ill but when we are home he is……… what I told her is so true of my Grandad ‘He is the bravest man I know Eden and when grandad is poorly which is all the time he doesn’t like us to know. Even when his is super poorly he thinks about everyone els first and doesn’t want us to worry’ The day before my wedding he was admitted to hospital without telling anyone, he discharged him self in the middle of the night and drove 7 hours to be at our big day! That’s the type of person he is!

The truth is my Grandad is my hero! He has fought cancer more than once, had a termial dignosis ove 8 years ago, undergone experimental surgeries and is still here fighting……. I love you grandad ! X


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