When Asthma strikes

Asthma strikes again! Friday night the dreaded cough started it was well controlled until yesterday afternoon when Niall was relying on his inhaler a lot. This morning we headed to the out of hours GP were it was confirmed Niall needed another round of steroids this is his 6th lot in less than 4 months 🙈 as well as more antibiotics as the crackling on his lungs is back! 

What to do now?? Niall only saw his consultant Thursday for a check up were we agreed to adding another medication to his growing list of daily medications but this would depend on how he was over the nex

t month. Only 3days later he is being treated again we also asked if we could have some allergy tests done as we don’t know why he keeps becoming so poorly this maybe possible but we need to ask another consultant and nurse about it. I’m currently looking up private peadiatric respitory consultant because this is not only life threatening but has now become life limiting for niall meaning he often misses out on things including his education and after school activities…. we very much doubt he will be able to join his sister at swimming lessons as he would miss too many. I suppose I just needed a little rant before I go crazy!! 


The Richards 💙


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