When Asthma strikes

Asthma strikes again! Friday night the dreaded cough started it was well controlled until yesterday afternoon when Niall was relying on his inhaler a lot. This morning we headed to the out of hours GP were it was confirmed Niall needed another round of steroids this is his 6th lot in less than 4 months 🙈 as well as more antibiotics as the crackling on his lungs is back! 

What to do now?? Niall only saw his consultant Thursday for a check up were we agreed to adding another medication to his growing list of daily medications but this would depend on how he was over the nex

t month. Only 3days later he is being treated again we also asked if we could have some allergy tests done as we don’t know why he keeps becoming so poorly this maybe possible but we need to ask another consultant and nurse about it. I’m currently looking up private peadiatric respitory consultant because this is not only life threatening but has now become life limiting for niall meaning he often misses out on things including his education and after school activities…. we very much doubt he will be able to join his sister at swimming lessons as he would miss too many. I suppose I just needed a little rant before I go crazy!! 


The Richards 💙


All ways look on the bright side of life?? 


Can you? My Grandad is the strongest person I know and he always reminds us all to all ways look on the bright side of life….. but how can you when you see the person/ people you love in so much pain and not coping at all. Today is another hospital admission for my Grandad he recently spent over 2 weeks in St. Thomas hospital in London he has now spent the day in the A&E and will be admitted again.

Eden asked to day why when we visit grandad he isn’t ill but when we are home he is……… what I told her is so true of my Grandad ‘He is the bravest man I know Eden and when grandad is poorly which is all the time he doesn’t like us to know. Even when his is super poorly he thinks about everyone els first and doesn’t want us to worry’ The day before my wedding he was admitted to hospital without telling anyone, he discharged him self in the middle of the night and drove 7 hours to be at our big day! That’s the type of person he is!

The truth is my Grandad is my hero! He has fought cancer more than once, had a termial dignosis ove 8 years ago, undergone experimental surgeries and is still here fighting……. I love you grandad ! X

Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Pudding and Repeat 

One of the things I really try with as a mum is making sure the whole family eat good home cooked meals……..but to be honest it bores the hell out of me trying to think of things everyday! Recently I liked the Facebook page Baby Led Weaning Cookbook and although all my own children  are well past the weaning stages I look after younger children as a childminder. The page is fab and full of exciting new recipes and tips of getting teething babies ect to eat. Personally I love it and I love hearing how another mummy copes with everyday food struggles! 

Yesterday I brought the app through the app store it’s fantastic and full of tips, baby lead weaning essentials and fabulous recipes! They look so yummy and not just for babies and toddlers but for the whole family! Tonight we are Trying the sweet potato pie! I have also been out to buy some ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner! She also has a slow cooker app as well so for us busy mummies and daddies that like to dump and run its perfect. 

I will let you all know how it tastes later after dinnerand the house smells amazing!

All in all this mummy has 2 apps, a website and she also has a cookbook on its way! As well as a toddler to look after! 

Below is a link to the website

Birthday’s with the Richards 

Yesterday Mr R turnt 28!! He wasn’t happy at being another year closer to 30!  Something I have learnt over the past year is…….. do what makes you happy so today we packed up and headed out for the day just the 4 of us! I even baked a cake it took hours I put one lot of icing in the bin and the dog managed get some of the 2nd lot! It wasn’t the one he wanted but like hell was I going to make an iron throne cake!

Even after 10 years together we still are experiencing first together and yesterday it was bowling! What a great time for us all!  The kids loved it a Niall even managed to beat his dad!! With 2 strikes in our 2nd game! After we headed off to do some shopping and eat some great food! We hope you had a fantastic day Mr.R! 

Weekend walk 

A few weekends ago Mr.R thought it would be an awsome idea to head out in the sticks when it was 3degrees outside so headed about 20mins out of the beautiful Aberystwyth to the Hafod Estate by the time we got there I could have happily left and gone home….. Mr. R had control of packing the bags and heading out he hadn’t packed hats, gloves or scarfs for the kids or snacks! We did the walk anyway and my Gosh it was one of the most beautiful places we had ever headed with the children……. we loved it so much we headed back this weekend fully equipped and it was a lot warmer thank goodness.

There are a few trails Avaliable from short walks to ones that are a few miles long last weekend we headed off on the Lady’s walk it was beautiful we came across waterfalls, view points, streams, woodland, feilds full of sheep and not forgetting the steps up to the now demolished Hafod estate house.

 If you’re looking for somewhere to let the kids, husband and dog run wild this is the place we didn’t see anyone on the walk  only a few people around the start and end (around the car park).

Just a few of the beautiful places we walked past…..

Top 5 places to visit this half term in and around ceredigion!

1. Hafod Estate 

Wonderful walks for all the family! But you won’t get a buggy round so older children or slings are your best bet. 

2. Llanachaeron 

A wonderful National Trust property that has activities on all week that can be marked of in you 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4. 

3. Visit the Fairy doors of Llanachaeron 

The beautiful walk between  Aberaeron and Llanachaeron has been given a magical touch with fairy doors to find and explore.

4. Powis castel 

Another National Trust property but this time it’s a beautiful castel set in the country side of Welshpool. Not only does it have the amazing castel to explore it also has wonderful gardens to run around! 

5. Ty Glyn Garden or as we call it the secret garden 

A hidden gem in Cillau Aeron this garden has a small park, sensory area and a garden full of fresh Fruit, Veg and Herbs for you little ones to smell and feel….. if you lucky enough you may even find the gardener has picked some of the fresh produce for you to buy and take home! 
Have fun exploring 

Lots of love 

The Richards💚

Living with Asthma


Wheezing, pumps and medications…. this is now all part of our daily lives. Niall’s asthma is uncontrolled meaning he frequently has bad attacks and episodes when we need to be admitted to hospital. One of those days was nearly today! We woke up to a very wheezy little boy who needed his top dose of ventolin (10 puffs) to even breath slightly normal for less than an hour. This is where  we decided he needed medical help. We took Niall to the out of hours doctors where we waited for nearly an hour…. with a child that was having  breathing troubles when we asked why we hadn’t been seen we got told ‘ we prioritise for real emergencies’ real emergencies?? My 3 year old couldn’t breath the stupid woman!! Some people don’t see asthma as a ‘real emergency’ but asthma kills because of uneducated people like her. We then saw a doctor straight away who checked Niall over and gave him steroid tablet’s checked his oxygen levels and listen to his chest. To start with he could only hear a wheeze but after the wheeze had settled a bit he heard the start of pneumonia too! So we also got antibiotics to start straight away. He did ask if we would like to stay but Niall was very reluctant as we have hospitals stays every few months. We left the hospital with 2 new pumps, steroids for 5 days and antibiotics. This is the reality of living with a 3 year old with uncontrolled asthma this and the fact that since this morning he has Possibly had 50+pumps of ventolin so has only just passed out at 10.15!

Happy Saturday


The Richards 💚

Meet the Richards

I suppose I should start with the head of the family Mr Richards himself………..

Chris aka Mr R is just about to celebrate his 28th birthday 😊 he was born in the beautiful seaside town of Aberystwyth (we love it here) he loves fitness and is even a qualified personal trainer.  We are also very lucky to be able to live in his childhood home.

Myself (Jade) aka Mrs R. Well my job is slightly different to Mr R’s im a childminder in our home and we all love it! I wasn’t born here in Aberystwyth but I love it! I was born in Basildon Essex and I could never ever imagine living anywhere without the sea again! I moved to Wales when i was 7. At the time I hated it but I couldn’t imagine bring our children up anywhere else.

Eden aka Miss R. Eden was born in 2011 nearly in the same room as her daddy if she hadn’t needed to be delivered by c-section. Eden is the most beautiful person inside and out. She is so caring and loving it fills me with pride just thinking about the little lady she is. Eden suffers with hypermobilty syndrome which can sometime disrupt our everyday lives but she is learning how to cope and move on with things.

Niall aka Master R. The best word to describe Niall is individual! Born in  2013 Niall was always a problem starter from the get go! I was really poorly with HG whilst pregnant I also went into labour 6weeks early and when he finally decided to make his appearance he was sent to SCBU in Arrow park hospital on the Wirral due to fluid on the lungs and an infection. He was finally allowed home after a week but with daily visits to the local hospital! Since he has had persistent chest problems which means we spend a lot of time in hospital and on lots of different medications!


So that’s us ……

With love

The Richards 💚